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Truck Test 2012 is done and dusted – and I am delighted to report that it has been a massive success!


Trucks: demons or darlings?

The World Health Organisation has damned trucks and diesel engines, saying they cause cancer. At the same time, truck and bus manufacturers are polishing their halos, saying they have spent billions developing cleaner, greener and thus safer powertrains. So who is telling the truth?


The future looks … um …?

I attended the opening address of the Road Freight Association (RFA) Convention hoping to find out if the future looks rosy or bleak – and discovered that it’s as clear as mud …


Just do it!

Lots of people talk about a “can do” attitude. At FOCUS, we put it into practice … as evidenced by this month’s Truck Test!


A reason to be proud

South African transport operators have every reason to be proud. That’s according to Dr Martin Zimmermann, CEO of Mercedes-Benz South Africa …


Truck Test 2012 draws near

Our massive Truck Test – the trucking event of the year – is just two months away! When we held a lunch in Johannesburg to brief participants and sponsors, a sense of excitement had already taken hold …


STOP PRESS! Truck test 2012 partners with RFA Convention!

There has been a huge amount of hype surrounding Truck Test 2012... and now we can announce a huge development in that regard: Truck Test 2012 will take place in conjunction with the RFA Convention!


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