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Crisis looms

Last month, I sounded a warning that we were facing a skills crisis. A similar fear has now been expressed in the United Kingdom. Let’s hope that we heed these warnings – before the crisis brings our industry to its knees. Commercial vehicle sales may still be down, but it’s time to stop complaining and think about the future. As I mentioned last month, we should focus on skills.


Loyalty alive and well

The first results in the WesBank-sponsored Focus on Excellence Awards programme prove beyond a doubt that the concept of loyalty is alive and well. “Transport operators only buy on price. Sure, they take service and parts support into account. But price is the overriding factor.” If I have heard a comment like this once, I have heard it a thousand times. And, guess what? That’s not always true, as the Focus on Excellence Awards reveal.


Sleeping with the enemy?

In what is probably a first in business-to-business publishing, FOCUS has embarked on a unique joint project with rival publication, Truck & Bus. Astute readers will notice that a near-identical article appears in both magazines this month. Turn to page 34 and you will be able to read the piece, which pertains to training and to the Transport Education and Training Authority (TETA) specifically.


Wake up and smell the roses

Fat cats and unions alike need to wake up and smell the roses...

I am tired of reading about and witnessing strikes and industrial action because, quite frankly, they seldom accomplish anything. They often lead to violence; they sometimes result in heartache (as breadwinners cannot support their families owing to lost earnings); they almost certainly lead to lost profits (which no one can afford).


Bad Year - Good Times

I am so tired of hearing bad news. As such, a visit to Goodyear’s factory in the Eastern Cape last month came as a breath of fresh air. I am not trying to be an ostrich. I know that sticking my head in the sand won’t rescue the market or change the fact that business is tough – really, really tough.


Many Challenges Ahead

As we enter the new year, one thing is certain: 2009 is going to be extremely challenging. I was almost moved to tears by a media statement from General Motors South Africa (GMSA) I received at the beginning of 2009. I am not a member of the rapidly growing South African Doom and Gloom Club, but I have to share its contents with you.


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