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Traffic laws going somewhere slowly

Rob Handfield-JONES explains his bewilderment at the misguided protestations of drivers arrested for moving violations at low speeds – it is more than the fact that the law is the law; they are still highly dangerous acts.


Shed those delusions of immortality!

Both pedestrians and drivers need to overcome delusions of immortality to become pragmatic and safe road-users. A little common sense may also need to be injected into road-safety education for school children, which addresses not just driving lessons but also pedestrian safety, says ROB HANDFIELD-JONES


Drivers must create road safety

One of the most striking features of South Africa’s road system is the abundance of traffic signals and signs that require compliance for their own sake, rather than because they enhance safety, says ROB HANDFIELD-JONES.


A momentary lapse of reason

With no legislation covering how high cube containers should be transported does the Department of Transport need to consider legalising the status quo, rather than developing a new standard?


Insurers under siege

Are short-term insurance companies the victims of unfortunate circumstances or scandalous profit takers? In his typical fashion, our most outspoken columnist – ROB HANDFIELD-JONES – has some strong opinions on the subject...


Momentum overload

These days, if a manufacturer launches a vehicle that doesn’t attain five stars in the tough 64 km/h EuroNCAP crash test, eyebrows tend to be raised. This is because research has proved that the more stars a vehicle is awarded in the laboratory, the better protection it offers in real-world crashes.


Are drivers becoming redundant?

One of the issues that repeatedly grabs my attention is that of driver assistance devices. Now it’s time to consider where all this may be leading...


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