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VW uplifts youth of Alex

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VW uplifts youth of AlexOn Saturday April 1, 130 Volkswagen Group South Africa (VWSA) employees, together with their friends and families, descended on the Ububele Early Childhood Development Centre in Alexandra township to give it a makeover.

The Ububele Centre looks after 65 children between two and six years old and focuses on improving their emotional development.

As part of the makeover, Volkswagen employees were able to brighten up the centre with paint and murals. They also undertook maintenance to the ablution facilities, installed cupboards and book shelves and upgraded and beautified the play area.

Furthermore, a vegetable and herb garden was planted, which will provide the crèche with much-needed fresh produce to help provide for the children's nutritional needs.

“We know that investing in early childhood development is the most powerful investment in human capital that a company can make. We therefore continue to invest in centres such as Ububele. While it is important to invest the money, it is also important to be physically involved in the upgrades and renovations," says Thomas Schaefer, chairman and MD: VWSA.

The Volkswagen Show of Hands programme asks VWSA employees to give their own time to improve the lives of those less fortunate. This is an ongoing initiative under the Volkswagen for Good campaign, which focuses mainly on education and youth development.


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