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To show what they can do

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To show what they can doFollowing the launch of a new entity to cater to its commercial vehicle tyre clientele, the Bridgestone Group used it’s involvement in the Truck Test 2015 spectacle to show how serious it is about serving the industry.

There’s a lot going on with the Bridgestone Group at the moment, and the company used the opportunity provided by Truck Test 2015 to showcase its new direction.

“We have been part of the Truck Test, in some shape or form, for some time now and this year was no different. Involvement in the Truck Test gives us a good opportunity to build on the Bridgestone brand and become the brand of choice,” says business development manager, Walter Roux.

With this in mind, the company committed to ensuring its support vehicles were on call in case anything went wrong en route (thankfully they were not needed). Bridgestone is also a part sponsor of the lunch at the FOCUS Conference to be held at Automechanika on May 8 – when the Truck Test results will officially be announced.

“The trucking industry has become extremely competitive and we, as Bridgestone Commercial, need to ensure that our products and services are top of mind,” Roux continues.

“It is also important for Bridgestone Commercial to visually demonstrate the performance of our products and services.This is the ideal opportunity to stay on top of the trends and developments with regard to our competitors. It is also an ideal opportunity to measure ourselves against them,” he says.

Bridgestone Commercial is the all-new entity recently created within the Bridgestone Group to specifically handle the sales and distribution of all new and retreaded truck, bus and earth-mover tyres.

The launch of Bridgestone Commercial has also seen selected Supa Quick outlets offer commercial vehicle tyres and services, which has resulted in closer ties with commercial customers. Further, the accredited outlets are also able to supply commercial tyre retreads that are manufactured according to South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) specifications.

“Bridgestone Commercial ensures our customers have the peace of mind of knowing they are dealing directly with Bridgestone. It will also allow us to consolidate our branding position and provide closer customer support, as well as position us for growth in the commercial market,” says Bridgestone SA CEO, Mike Halforty.

“The time is right to ramp up our commercial operation to a new level, and I’m certain that Bridgestone Commercial is going to set ever-higher standards in this segment,” Halforty adds.

Involvement in leading industry initiatives, such as Truck Test and the FOCUS Conference will surely help the company achieve this goal!


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