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Getting ready to rumble

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Getting ready to rumbleIveco South Africa has participated in Truck Test (excluding Truck Test 2014) since it kicked off in 2012. We talk to Christophe Longuet, the company’s marketing manager, to get Iveco’s take on this benchmarking even.

Please elaborate on your company’s history with the Truck Test events. Were there any noteworthy outcomes in previous years?

Iveco has been participating in Truck Test events since 2012.

We used the inaugural event as an opportunity to gain experience, as well as to benchmark South Africa’s market requirements in that particular sector.

What are your general sentiments regarding the various tests thus far?

The Truck Test events, thus far, have afforded original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) an opportunity to showcase their premium products on offer in the South African market.

What do you expect from this year’s event?

We believe that the FOCUS Truck Test team has identified “grey” areas within such an exercise and this year will produce a Truck Test whereby all OEMs will be placed on equal footing.

Why did you get involved?

Our aim is to create a strong market presence for Iveco as a competitive brand. The Truck Test is an excellent platform from which we are able to do this, and to prove our quality and sustainability for southern African road conditions.

Iveco is entering two Stralis Hi Ways and a Trakker Hi-Land single reduction into  Truck Test 2015.And what do you aim to achieve during this year’s test?  

We hope to establish the Iveco “Born in South Africa” campaign, which highlights the local manufacture of specific Iveco products, as well as the company’s commitment to the local market.

Iveco’s new “Born in South Africa” logo depicts a “stamp of authenticity” certifying the quality of the Iveco
commercial vehicles assembled at the new facility in Rosslyn, Pretoria – by a local workforce.

This “stamp” encircles the soaring five colours of the South African flag: black, yellow, green, red and blue – evoking the concept of unity.

The commercial vehicles bearing this logo will be tailored for the African continent with its varied terrain and challenging driving conditions that demand specific vehicle requirements.

Which vehicles are you entering into Truck Test 2015?

We are entering Iveco’s assembled in South Africa, standard “off the shelf” vehicles. The vehicles models are:

• The Iveco Stralis Hi Way 480 hp (more than 355 kW), “eco” prime mover;

• The Iveco Trakker Hi-Land 440 hp (nearly
330 kW) – single reduction on/off road, and:

• The Iveco Stralis Hi Way 430 hp (320 kW) prime mover.

What results do you expect the vehicles will deliver?

We are very confident that the results will confirm that Iveco is rightly considered as a serious competitor in the Southern African market.

Why did you decide to enter these vehicles?

They are most suited to represent Iveco’s vehicle offering in the Test Truck 2015 vehicle/application segment.

And how important is this segment to the company?

This segment is considered as the pinnacle of the Iveco offering. Currently we have two model ranges competing in this segment, the on-road Stralis and off-road Trakker. The Trakker single reduction, featured in this test, is the culmination of on/off-road capabilities that have been requested over an extended period by our customers.

What benefits do you think the Truck Test events deliver to the industry?

Customers do not always have an opportunity to evaluate and compare results of various competitors, without embarking on extensive testing and research, in the way Truck Test 2015 does.

The event allows South African customers to gain insight into the commitment of OEMs to the market.

Do you have any final comment on Truck test 2015?

“Let’s get ready to rumble.”


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